Come home.

To yourself.

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Let’s connect.

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Through one-on-one personal coaching (virtual and - if possible - in-person in India and Germany), I support you in coming home to yourself. If you have been moving between places, jobs, activities or relationships, find a way to meet your needs for both freedom and belonging, right here and now.

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I offer training modules combining the science of Yoga with Emotional Intelligence practices based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as developed by Marshall Rosenberg.

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How I work

These are the tools, practices and methodologies I work with:

  • Transformational Coaching

  • Nonviolent Communication

  • Yoga & Mindfulness

All lead to the same destination:



I’m Kerstin, and

I’ll accompany you.

True belonging
is the spiritual practice
of believing in and belonging to yourself
so deeply that you can share your
most authentic self with the world
and find sacredness in both
being a part of something and
standing alone in the wilderness.

True belonging doesn’t require you
to change who you are;
it requires you to be who you are.
— Brené Brown