Home Within

Transformational Coaching


Have you been looking for home all over?

You may look for home in places, thus moving, roaming, travelling from place to place in search of it - "anywhere but here”.

You may look for home in people, as a result changing partners, making and breaking friendships, looking for "your" tribe and community - "anyone but I".

You may look for home in your work, changing your career and work place, going on a sabbatical, doing another training and taking another course - "anything but this".

In the process, you may have been

  • Trading Freedom for Belonging? Silencing parts of yourself just to fit in and be able to stay in one place, relationship or career. Giving up on the freedom to be and express yourself authentically, as you are.

  • Trading Belonging for Freedom? Looking for home in changing places, relationships and careers without ever arriving or settling anywhere. Giving up on your need for belonging, community, roots. 


Stop, and start making roots in yourself.

The “home within” is not a place on a map. We don't get there by frantically changing places, relationships and careers. For me, it’s an inner experience in which both freedom and belonging can co-exist. Where we are free to stay, and free to be who we really are.

Rooted in yourself - no matter where you are, with whom you are and what you do.

It’s your own unique journey. Nobody can walk it but you. Homeward.

What does home mean for you? Are you ready to find out?


Is this program for you?

  • You’re always running. And not exactly sure towards what. Just managing your daily life keeps you on your toes, running from A to Z to fire-fight and manage your seemingly never-ending to-do list. You have been quite successful doing that, but deep inside you feel directionless and uninspired, like there’s not much joy in life, and not much purpose.

  • Moving is one thing. Coming home quite another. When you are away from you regular context and on the move, everything seems to make perfect sense. You feel connected to yourself and to what you want from life. But then you return home, and you find yourself stuck and clueless, not sure how to integrate what you experienced while away into your daily routine.

  • No matter where you go, you take yourself with you. You may have had hopes that being in a new context will magically solve all the stuff that gets you feeling so frustrated, hopeless and exhausted in your daily life. And what really happens is that you keep bumping into all the exact same triggering situations no matter where you go.

  • Moving comes naturally to you. Slowing down and sitting still doesn't. You are aware of your need to slow down - your body demands it, your mind is overheated -, but there is a tremendous restlessness in you that keeps you moving from place to place, from activity to activity, from relationship to relationship.


What is Transformational Coaching?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

We all have a deep desire to learn, grow and evolve. In a coaching relationship, the client is seen as the expert in his or her life and work, and is believed to have innate creativity and potential to evolve.

Coaching helps people articulate their vision, identify their needs and core values, bring their inner and outer worlds into alignment, set goals they feel passionate about and create a plan for their own development.

Coaching provides a structure to continuously reflect and capture learning, and take that new learning directly into action. Through the coaching partnership, people can build capacity, expand possibilities and achieve greater fulfillment and success while staying on track with their objectives.

The coach supports the process by discovering, clarifying and aligning with what the client wants to achieve, encouraging client self-discovery, and eliciting client-generated solutions and strategies while holding the client responsible and accountable.

The below chart by the ICF can help you determine whether it is actually coaching that you are looking for right now, as opposed to consulting, mentoring, psychotherapy or training:

To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.
— Simone Weil

Outcomes you can expect

  • Peace, acknowledgement and renewed inspiration that comes from being deeply heard and seen for who you are and what you can bring to your life, your relationships, your work and the world

  • Able to express your highest vision for your own life, and able to take the next steps to make it a reality

  • Aware of the support system you have and need to move towards your goals

  • Joy and hope for being in touch with your own emerging path

  • Shifting gears into conscious forward-movement from where you previously felt stuck and unclear

  • Deeper awareness of your own inner and outer resources, and ideas on how to put them to work for yourself creatively

  • Renewed energy and inspiration to live your life freely and creatively while honouring your role in the web of relationship that you operate in

  • Exciting new learning about yourself, as the evolving and continuously growing human being that you are

The place where you are is called Here,
And you must treat it as a powerful stranger.
— Pádraig Ó Tuama


Rune Meissel   , master of free wedding ceremonies, Berlin / Germany

Rune Meissel, master of free wedding ceremonies, Berlin / Germany

Ich begann mit Kerstin zu arbeiten, weil ich eine wichtige Entscheidung zu treffen hatte. Ich fühlte mich diffus und unsortiert – es gab gute Gründe für und wider – aber ich kam zu keiner Entscheidung, wusste nicht, was ich will und was wirklich wichtig für mich ist. Durch Kerstins Zuhören zwischen den Zeilen, Zusammenfassen und Nachhaken sind mir Dinge bewusst geworden, die mir vorher nicht klar waren. Einige Übungen haben mir so geholfen, mich zu entspannen und eine neue Perspektive einzunehmen, dass ich mich immer noch manchmal an sie erinnere, wenn viel los ist. Das Wichtigste ist aber, dass ich nun zu einer guten Entscheidung gekommen bin, die sich richtig anfühlt – eine Erleichterung! Ich habe außerdem konkrete, kleine Schritte definiert, wie ich meinen Alltag bewusster und mehr nach meinen Werten leben kann. Seitdem beobachte ich mich selbst aufmerksamer und weiß, was ich tun kann, um besser auf mich zu achten – ich habe mein Leben mehr in der Hand, habe Einfluss darauf, kann es konkret gestalten. Es war tatsächlich wie Kerstin vorher sagte: meine ganz eigene Lösung ist schon längst da, sie muss nur geborgen werden!

J. H., Germany


What impresses me the most with Kerstin is her gentleness and open heart. During our coaching sessions, she offered me her full presence, deep and sweet. I also like her witty questions which support me to go deeper on my quests as well as support me in seeing my gifts that, unfortunately, I sometimes forget! Thank you Kerstin!

 Karine Audeguy, coach, France & Germany



Coaching is an investment. Beyond financial investment, it requires your full commitment, attention and energy to implement what you say you want for your life. Money can play the role of holding you accountable to what you said you wanted - you invested, so you put in the work.

Coaching only works if you’re fully, 100% present. You can count on my 100%.

Together we will work out the duration and the conditions of our coaching collaboration. If you know you just need a jumpstart, we may work for as little as 3 sessions, up to 20 sessions across a year or more. It really depends on what is called for at this point.

To give you a rough idea: I usually work with my individual clients for about a year, during which we’ll meet between 15-20 times - usually, every 2 weeks, and a little more frequently in the beginning. On average, they pay EUR 80 (excl. VAT) per session.

First, let’s have a compass call and see if we click. I work with a sliding scale and offer pro bono sessions, too. Either way, I’m more than happy to discuss an agreement that works for both of us. Get in touch with me, and we’ll work things out.


You don't NEED coaching. 

There are so many paths home, and we all make it there, sooner or later. 

You CHOOSE coaching.

Sometimes it makes all the difference to have somebody walk beside you who believes in you and your vision for yourself, and who supports you until you have the inner and outer resources lined up to continue on your own. 

It would be an honour for me to walk with you.

Where are we really going? Always home.
— Novalis

Next step


Schedule a first 60 minute appointment - what I call a “Compass Call”.

This is what you can expect from the Compass Call:

We will meet on Skype or Zoom (or any other platform we agree on mutually), and, after a brief introduction and any questions you may have, we’ll dive right in:

We’ll have a regular 30 minute coaching session on a topic that is dear to your heart right now. This means, you’ll get a full taste of what it is like to work with me, and you’ll walk away with insights and very specific next steps you can take.

We will then speak more generally about what makes you consider coaching at this point in your life, and where you want to go. We’ll discuss how exactly I can be of support to you with what I offer. There will also be time and space to address any other open questions you may have.


By the end of the hour, we both will have a feel for whether we want to continue working together.

If we decide not to, you’ll leave with a clearer picture of what you’re looking for, and what your next best steps could be, based on the coaching you received.

If we decide to continue working together, I will send you a welcome package, containing our coaching agreement and some preparation materials to get you started. The cost for the compass call will be deducted from your coaching package.

Do you have any questions before you book your compass call?

Send me a message, I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you soon! Homeward!


I’m Kerstin, your coach.

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) trained by Leadership That Works and accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and comply with the ethical guidelines and professional code of conduct for the coaching profession.

Transformation honors what is, while reaching deep within us to find what is emerging — the birthing of something brand new. Instead of denying the past or the present, the transformational process cradles or embraces our life force.

Transformation happens when people are deeply seen, heard, understood and recognized for their gifts. Coaching helps people become more of who they already are.
— Leadership That Works