Hello, I’m Kerstin.

Thank you for being here.


I am a professional certified coach for transformation,

a practitioner of Nonviolent Communication based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg,

a Yoga teacher and co-founder of Yoga Vana India, a holistic learning community in India,

a German woman living in India since 2011,

a human being on her own journey Home.

You can learn more about my background and education here:


How I got here

In my mind, belonging and freedom were opposites. If I chose either one, I would necessarily have to compromise on the other.

Trading Freedom for Belonging

Silencing parts of oneself just to fit in and to be able to stay in one place, relationship or career. Giving up on the freedom to be and express oneself authentically, exactly as one is.

I cannot count the times I stayed in situations in which I was not able to be myself just to fit in and not to rock the boat. In my mind, it was either belonging - no matter what the cost to myself or others -, or abandonment, exclusion, total isolation.

Trading Belonging for Freedom

Looking for home in changing places, relationships and careers without ever arriving or settling anywhere. Giving up on one’s need for belonging, community, roots. 

I also cannot count the times I burnt bridges, usually after staying in the above situation for too long. It was either total freedom - no matter what the cost to myself or others -, or being weighed down, tied down, trapped.

A very binary paradigm, with very real results that inhibit joy, connection, life.

It was only after getting introduced to the methodologies and practices I now work with that a sense of possibility emerged: that, yes, freedom and belonging can co-exist simultaneously and are not mutually exclusive.

To have this realisation as a part of my lived reality every day is the story of my life. This is an ongoing process for me. And that’s exactly why we could be a good fit. If you’ve read this far, this may be your story, too.

I would love to hear from you.

Send me a message. Be in touch. We can figure this out together.


"Kerstin's authenticity and openness towards unknown parts within myself is truly coming from a place in her that she has touched herself. I feel home with her and after every contact I feel encouraged, inspired and deep trust that arises within myself. I feel gifted to have found such a human treasure in this world, that gives me hope and I am excited to recommend her as a powerful coach who is in touch with her own vulnerability and therefore strength."

Bianca Pointner

Coach & Artist, September 2017


How I operate

I cannot help but see the innate potential of people and situations, and I’ve been passionate about how things COULD be as long as I can think.

When I was interested in working in the tourism sector, I went to Guatemala to work for an agency specialised on sustainable tourism.

When I was drawn to work for consumption and production processes that are more wholesome than our existing ones, I worked with organisations in New Delhi towards a sustainable transformation of the Indian energy sector.

When I dedicate my time and energy to something, it is to bring out its innate potential. Yes, it can be in incremental steps. But it has to be the next level of evolution - a more refined expression of what it is now, a wider perspective, a more wholesome approach.

You can count on me to do the same for you.

I cannot do anything but - I’m wired this way.


Why I do what I do

Looking back, there are countless crucial moments when I was longing for support to take that difficult decision, to get clarity on where I’m heading, or to just speak out loud the things I’m afraid of so they can stop living in my head.

If only there was somebody who would listen and let me speak my mind, and help me make sense of what is there.

Somebody who would not come with their own agenda of “Shouldn’t you be doing this” or “Listen, this is what I did …”.

Somebody who would call me out when they see me shrink or settle, and hold me against my own highest standard.

Somebody who would pay detailed attention to my emerging path, and who would help me prepare myself to walk in that direction.

I never knew coaches existed until 2015 - right before I decided to become one myself. Exactly because I wish we all had that source of support and inspiration when we are looking for it.

there is you and you.
this is a relationship.
this is the most important relationship.

– home
— nayyirah waheed

On a lighter note …

I’m an introvert and a member of the millennial generation - interesting combination, I know. This means, I’m on social media, but you’ll have to look hard to find selfies or really hear all that much from me there.

Having said that, I do have occasional, unexpected bouts of extraversion when I share pictures of pretty trees and small glimpses of my life between India and Germany.

You can find them here: